Warmish | A Lesbian Short Film

Warmish | A Lesbian Short Film

Do you think Do you think you could come back later? Why? Can I just text you later? Okay Parker, what are you… I, um… I found your sweater in my room and I know you like it a lot and it’s kinda getting cold out so I figured Thanks, Parker It’s kinda cold And it’s really…do you want to come in? Yeah, I’d like that You can sit, if you like And I can go get us some water Thanks So what have you been up to? Honestly, nothing, at all What about you? Uh same, really nothing Did you ever get that gig that you were trying to book? I did It was really stressful But it was a couple of months ago, so I’m over it Was your mom there? No, my mom was not there My dad was So it all worked out, I guess You guys are, um… You aren’t still fighting? Uh, yeah, but I don’t really want to get into that No, you’re right, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have How’s school? School’s fine That’s good Thanks Thanks for having me, Ellie Oh it’s no problem, you know I’ll see you around? Yeah, you should give me a call sometime when it’s not like 10 o’clock at night and freezing I will Bye, Parker Okay, that was weird Hello? Hey Parker, are you busy right now? Okay, cool, I was wondering if you wanted to meet at the favourite spot for coffee Or is that a no If you’re not ready, we can meet at another time No, I’ll be there Oh, okay – I didn’t know you were here
– I didn’t know if you wanted a coffee You go I didn’t know if you wanted a coffee, but I got you something anyways – You didn’t have to do that
– I know, but I figured it’d make up for the time I got sick on the bus That was forever ago What did you get me? Since when did you have to ask? I don’t know, it’s been a while It hasn’t been that long Are you dating somebody? Yeah, Oliver Is that his name? Yeah, he’s great We met downtown, last winter Last winter? Yeah, he helped me through some really tough times Going through family and everything He even got me to stop smoking for a while, which is crazy… Hey Parker, that’s great and I really am happy for you But actually, I was a friend earlier and I told my dad I’d be home And you know him, so I gotta go Hey, but this is really fun So call me next time when you’re not making out with Oliver, okay? Thanks for the coffee, by the way And then, she told me to call her when I’m not making out with Oliver That dumb bitch She’s not dumb, she’s just… Ellie Well, she could be ‘just Ellie’ or not I think you should just try to move on Get over it What do you think I’ve been trying to do, Fern? Why do you think I’m with Oliver? I’ve tried everything and I still can’t get over her It’s not that easy Well, then I guess you’d just have to talk to her Figure it out Are you ready to go? Yeah So I figured we’d do a little shopping Grab something to eat Until 5 or so, Fern has plans wtih Rachel Oliver: Sounds like a plan I can totally see why people get such a negative perspective on feminism There’s so many feminism hotties out there that turn into “Fuck men, we don’t need men” And that just doesn’t work out, like true feminists Yeah, makes sense I wish people were more accepting of the word Especially the older generations Are you guys almost done? I want to check out the shoes upstairs Yeah, you can go, we’re gonna be here for a while Okay Fuck – Look over there!
– Where? Why are you so friggen weird? ‘Cause it’s still awkward Hello? It’s Rachel So Rachel got off her plane Would you hate me if I…. No, no Thank you Hey, what’re you doing, Parker? Just shopping around – You’re with Fern again?
– Yeah, but Rachel got off her flight early Oh my god, Rachel, I haven’t seen her in so long
How is she? She’s good, she just got back from Canada – Tell her I said ‘Hey’
– Yeah, I will I got this new edition of ‘Upside Girl’ And I was just wondering if you’d like to come And watch it or something
No pressure, though Yeah, no, I’d love to You know my guilty pleasure for scary movies I mean, how can I forget? I was gonna call you the other day And catch up some more, but… I forgot to tell my dad where I was going and he got really pissed Long story short, I had to stay home Well, no, you can make up for tonight You want me to come over at 5 or 6? Yeah that works, sounds good I’ll see you then Really? I can’t believe you’re ditching our plans so that you could watch the most boring horror movie with your ex-girlfriend Don’t be a cry-baby, Oliver It’s not like we had plans with the fucking Queen of England We’re just gonna get high anyways And talk shit about the people at your school because you’re a narcissistic ass-wipe And her being an ex-girlfriend doesn’t change anything about anything You know, you can be really mean sometimes I can be mean? I hope the DVD has a huge fucking scratch on it, so you can pretend you finished the movie Wow, that is so mature, Oliver How did you get so fucking grown-up? Yeah, I hope it has a scratch on it too so we don’t have to pretend we’re watching a fucking movie! Hi, baby, hi! I missed you! Look! Look! Oh, you’re so cute! You have no idea how much I miss this dog It’s like I lost a bit of my life I can tell he missed you And now he’s gonna love you forever, because you brought him a bandana Which is really sweet, by the way Hi! [air-kisses] Do you remember the last movie we watched together? I think it was ‘Carol’ Or maybe it was the ‘Budapest Hotel’ No! It was right before… I stayed the night, we watched ‘The Visit’ Oh yeah, and then afterwards, we went to the park and talked about our favorite teachers How do you remember that? I remember the important things Which is funny because I can barely remember Oliver’s birthday You put gummy worms in? I did! For old times’ sake [guitar playing] [music playing] [doorbell rings] What the fuck is wrong with you, Parker? Woah, what are you doing here? I mean, we’ve been dating for like 4 months and then Ellie says ‘hi’ and you’re practically all over her You’re being ridiculous
Can we talk about this another…not right now Did you just come here to yell at me? It’s just not fair
You guys were together all last night and who knows what you could’ve been doing We didn’t do anything
Four months is a lot different than 2 years Four months is a lot different than 2 weeks That’s just hard for me to understand when you’re practically still in love with her I’m not! Sure, I can tell I just don’t get where you’re getting this idea from It’s not important I mean, Ellie and me have finally got to a point where things aren’t awkward anymore and there is no resentment there That’s always going to be here I am so sick of fighting with you This is so fucking ridiculous! I can hang out with Ellie whenever I want, wherever I want Which hasn’t even been a lot lately Fuck off, Parker I am kinda nervous Why? I don’t know, I just feel super like ‘Butterflies in my stomach’ kind of nervous But why? I don’t know, I haven’t seen either of them in a really long time Fern is more of your friend than she is mine I don’t know, Rachel and I were really good friends until we broke up and we just stopped talking And I feel like a shitty friend They’re not gonna think that, Elle, they’re gonna be excited to see you Rachel: And I told you so Fern: She really did Rachel: I know that an old and a new character died and it’s gonna affect everyone else on the show Ellie: But Glen, you know He was such an important character
His death wasn’t even dignified It’s just like Andrea, the storywork isn’t over They shouldn’t have died, they still have have so much to give I know, kill off all the characters!
It makes me mad – Especially Andrea
– I know! What happens? So, let me guess… You want to talk about Ellie Yeah, a little bit What’s up? I don’t know, honestly You and Parker? I don’t know, she just kind of like Show up to my door one night and …you can’t always stay away, I guess At your door? Yeah, to give me my sweater! Oh my god! Do you see anything happening with her? Is it just a friend thing? What is it? I mean, I’m with Oliver But she’s dating Oliver Yeah I don’t think she likes him, though I don’t think she ever really liked him Are you being serious? Let’s be honest, Parker You don’t like him I do! Yeah, I do! – Parker…
– Okay Maybe not as much as I thought I did He’s literally your ‘get rid of Ellie’ drug All right, let’s not be dramatic I don’t know, I think before we get too close, we need to talk Like talk, talk Yeah, like why we broke up and What we’re willing to do to have our friendship I don’t know, just lay everything out I just need to talk to her And then break up with Oliver I mean, like really, talk to her You can’t just have a connection like that with someone and it’d go away that fast Plus, I want to make sure that there’s no feelings left inside, and no grudges So that we could actually move on with our friendship Okay, so you would have to come back I know, I’m gonna come back Because you cannot not be here Don’t be a stranger I know, I won’t Bye Bye, Rachel What? Nothing What? Race ya! Parker, it’s locked, it’s not even fair! You wouldn’t have won anyways You wanna go for some hot chocolate? Yeah! So, are you paying for hot chocolate, ’cause I’m broke I’ve got money Thank you I haven’t seen your dad in a long time My dad, I mean He’s lame, you don’t wanna see him I’ve always liked your dad
He has this weird sense of humor That I… …loved I mean, you gotta like him by default It’s not like there’s anyone else in my family to like I liked him I missed you I miss… The spontaneity, the concerts, the pictures… We always took pictures And I miss always seeing all these things and never forgetting any of them And doing all these crazy things and never feeling like we’re gonna regret them Hey Thanks for meeting me I just felt like we needed to talk I feel things haven’t been right lately I didn’t want to drag this out because I didn’t feel it’d be necessary But I don’t feel like we’re working out Is it because I told you to fuck off the other day? No Is it because of Ellie? No, not necessarily So, it is I mean, not that it matters It’s because of Ellie, a little bit I get it, I was just your rebound Sorry I can’t control what I’m feeling You controlled it pretty well when she wanted nothing to do with you Okay, you got this story a little twisted She…we didn’t ignore each other We just mutually agreed not to talk And now we’ve mutually agreed to start talking again Talking, that doesn’t include you I’m sorry, Oliver, but we’ve got to break up for a multitude of reasons I get it We didn’t have a perfect relationship, or even a good one But, Sorry for being so dicky lately I guess I kinda knew that you loved her But, who doesn’t like having a hot girlfriend? I mean, even if she still does love her ex Okay, well, I guess I’ll see you around then And just remember, parks aren’t for parking, Parker I don’t know what’s that’s supposed to mean I didn’t really expect you to Hello? Hey, hi, what are you doing? Oh, um… Nothing right now Do you wanna…hang out, maybe? Oh Yeah, where are you?
Do you wanna like, meet up or something? I’m at the park right now, I could come get you Oh yeah, I could be there in 15 minutes Yeah Parker – Hey, how are you?
– I’m good, how are you? Good, good I like this outfit What have you been doing? Thank you, nothing?
Nothing, really That’s cool, I need to go to Target because I gotta get grapes… coffee creamer… Fuck, what else? I don’t remember Yeah, yeah, we could totally go But I figured, we could walk first? Yeah, sure Oh, a Polaroids roll That’s what I needed We can get it So, I know we haven’t really talked about this But we’ve been hanging out a lot more lately And… I think it’d help You know, help us Like, I think it’s important I don’t want to be keeping these things from you I don’t want you to be still upset with me for what had happened – But, I just…
– I’ve been wanting to talk to you too – Really?
– Yeah, I think talking is important We’ve always been really good at communicating And I don’t think this should be any different in friendship You’re so right So, um… What do you want to talk about? I…I just wanted… to make sure that you aren’t still mad at me for what I did, you know, I… I acted like a complete imbecile I’ve been thinking about it, and being sorry about it for the last five and a half months I’m not mad at you, Parker I’ve got a lot of growing up to do I still do And.. I don’t know why I thought I could do it without you in my life You are such an important part in my existence I think I’ve finally accepted that whatever you’re going through, just.. wasn’t directed towards me, I guess, and more at yourself? And… We’re obviously connected in some shape or form Like, we’re meant to be together, and know each other It’s like the universe is rooting for us I’m not even kidding, that’s just like We’re soulmates, or, we really are You know, whether we are friends, or girlfriends We’re meant to know each other in some shape or form So, you forgive me for being a complete ass-wipe I forgive you , unintentionally so Will you Ellie Luna Carson Take my hand in this friendship You’re literally a dumbass I do The universe is rooting for us, kid Oh, Parker, oh my god This would look so good on you
You should buy it I definitely feel like this should be the new addition to my closet Closet as in ‘dumpster’ or closet as in where you’ve hid the majority of your life? Okay, that’s not true I’m not the one who couldn’t tell their dad they were gay Yeah, my homophobic dad He’s not homophobic I just think he got a little freaked out when his little girl todl him that she liked boobies
– It’s still homophobic Or maybe he thought you meant…the bird You know, blue-feathered boobie Maybe he was just confused
Maybe it’s why he was so freaked out Let’s go look at camera stuff Oh my god, Park, come here Have a look at these sounds Imagine… ‘Panning at the Disco’ – Merry Christmas!
– Merry Christmas! – How has your Christmas been so far?
– It’s been really good, actually My parents were civil and we’ve decided where to go tonight and it wasn’t a shit show, it was just grand Well, I’m glad things went well, but I’m happy you’re here right now and with a present
– I do, and I want you to open it – Right now?
– Yeah We haven’t even done all the cheesy Christmas shit, like eat unhealthy amounts of bread and watch Rudolph I want you to open it now Ellie, I love this movie! – I know you do, so I got it
– Where did you find it? They don’t have it in stores, I’ve looked I had it in the five dollar bins, at Walmart But you didn’t hear it from me I love it, Ellie, thank you Um, since we’re opening presents It’s nothing big I started it last winter I know we’re gonna do a lot of things over the summer So I kinda put together this scrapbook I figured you’d like it Oh my gosh, Parker This is amazing Thank you, I love it so much Merry Christmas, Elle – I’m coming
– Wait, no Wait, what’s wrong? Ellie, it’s like 30 degrees outside Why are you putting your bathing suit on if we probably won’t even get into the water? Parker, I need to be prepared for all situations Like what? What if there is a Jacuzzi? Did you think about that? I don’t think we’ll be running into any hot springs Could you just help me tie this? Tie this This is a dumb idea Who’s idea was this? Probably yours What’s that supposed to mean? You know what I’m trying to say Hi Is there..something on your face? – I don’t know, is there?
– Yeah, right there Parker! Fucking bitch [groans] No! You know who’s really cute? Besides me? Yeah, totally, no, Natasha Lyon She’s actually got an eye lift heavier than your papers You know who’s also really cute? Tatiana, from Orphan Black Is it weird that we used to talk about this, when we used to date? Not really, because we talked about this when we dated So I feel it cancels out the awkwardness Oh, that’s true You know who else we used to talk about a lot? – Don’t say it
– You know you want to – No, no!
– Yes, your guilty pleasure! Duck Dynasty!! [giggles]
– Don’t say it! You used to watch that show all the time Still do, honestly I guess I never understood the appeal Guilty pleasures can’t be explained, Parker Guess you really did like the blue-feathered boobies You’re so dumb Plus, I prefer red-feathered boobies Okay, what about this one? I liked the last one better I like this dress too This one? – Nah
– Just no? Yeah, no Okey-dokey This one? Nah, try this Yeah, yep Okay! This is gonna be so fucking messy It’s so worth it You’re right All right, you’re gonna have to stay so still so that I don’t spill this everywhere Okay You’re also gonna have to tilt your head a little Okay Would you rather be eaten by the Sun or sucked into a black hole? ‘Cause personally, I’ll take a black hole anyday Having fun so far? Yeah, I like it a lot But I don’t want to be annoying, but Can I hang around you because I don’t know any of these people I’m awkward and you guys found a new crowd of people in the past couple of months Okay, cool Perfect! It’s Oliver Hey, how are you? Oh my goodness, you have a tattoo now? – I do
– When did you get that? Uh…October…20th Why is Oliver here? You invited him? – Wait, Oliver is here?
– Yeah, over there Of all the New Year parties you could have gone to, why choose mine? It’s really okay, Parker, it’s not a big deal It’s just annoying
All of the other New Year parties, why did he have to go to this one? Like I know he’s either drunk or doing it out of spite Didn’t you guys end on good terms? Well, I guess, but it’s still weird Well, maybe we could create a diversion Get some board games, Wii, something to bring it down I guess Hey Hey, Oliver Are you having a good party? Uh, yes, it’s okay Um, you just look really pretty Thanks So you and Parker are in love now and do the nasty? Tip: Parker needs… penis I’m..well… She’s…bisexuals need They can’t stay away from dick for too long It’s a good thing I don’t have a dick, then Yeah, I wanna go home What’s wrong? No, I just want to go Um, take him in the living room, watch everybody else
I’ll be back You wanna go for a drive? I hate Oliver Me too No, Parker, like I really hate him Where does he think it’s okay to show up to a party no one wants him at What did he do, Elle? He’s just a fucking ass-hat He was drunk I could tell I should’ve said something to make him leave What do you even see in him? How did you tolerate him for so long? He wasn’t… bad Just sometimes I wish I could kick him in the shin He deserves it I just don’t understand your appeal for him You could do so much better Well… No one’s you Well… It’s 12 So… Um, I think I’m gonna go Home? Yeah Do you want a ride? No, I could ask my dad to come pick me up Don’t be ridiculous, I can drive you No, I’m okay I’m not gonna let you walk home in the rain and the cold Look, it’s fine. I’ll just text you, I’ll text you, okay? Ellie, you can’t just leave like that – It’s not my fault, Parker
– What do you mean? You can’t just kiss somebody you left months ago You left me in the first place
You can’t do that. You don’t have the right – Ellie…
– No, Parker, this isn’t fair to me – I know, I’m sorry, I just…
– No! I wouldn’t… I would have given anything for us not to break up I gave you your space and I was clear when you needed it But then you fucking pulled this?
That’s not fucking fair, Parker Were you even thinking? – I don’t know
– Of course you don’t know because playing me like I’m some fucking game is really fun Parker
I’m having the time of my life -That’s not what I’m trying to do
– Well, are you having fun, at least? Because I’m having the time of my life Ellie, please, wait… I’m sick of waiting, Parker Please, don’t leave Why did you kiss me? Because…I love you, Elle You didn’t love me five months ago Because I didn’t know what it was like, not having the luxury of loving Just don’t do that to me again I won’t, I promise You have these two more curls – Where?
– There, like two Come here I do see your belly-button You have a sparkle I love you I love you, too Elle? Morning, sleepyhead! I thought you left No, I was just downstairs cleaning up, so your mom wouldn’t kick your ass Sounds good I made breakfast, too Wanna go eat? In a little bit You know what’s crazy? What? After all this time we managed to fix this To fix us It’s like… there’s already the set story You never know if yours is meant to intertwine with someone else’s Luckily ours did That’s why I’ve always said the universe is rooting for us It’s like… If you have a connection with someone, it never goes away It sets itself in the forefront of your brain You know… When we were apart, I’d see something that instantly reminded me of you It’s like I was constantly living in a flashback You must have been tired When you’ve lodged yourself so deeply in my lungs, and rooted there that I wouldn’t know where I would be if you hadn’t You just make me feel so… warm.

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  1. about four months ago my girlfriend whom i loved dearly and am still not exactly over of two years broke up with me so yeah now im crying yay. beautful story though

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  5. this is it. this vibe, the way they act with each other. this is what i looked for for years, this is what i found with my current partner

  6. I keep rewatching this cause it's SO much better than anything I've ever seen on TV, it's the greatest short film I've ever seen

  7. i keep coming back to this film because I love it so much i always cry at the last part geez it's my favorite film like ever

  8. The very first time i watched thid was when it was 9 or 10 months old. And when i watched this it inspired me to slowly come out to my family. This video is so amazing and so creative. June of 2017 i think was when i came out to my mother and my sister. But i want to thank you for creating such an amzing video. I watched this so many times and it will never get old. Great job

  9. Hey, I noticed someone reuploaded this film. I don't think I can report it because it has to be flagged by the content's owner or something, but you might wanna check it out and try to do something https://youtu.be/evEtT7-J-bc

    Seems like a lot of lesbian short films get reuploaded like this. Hope you can get the reupload taken down, it's so shitty that people steal content like this.

  10. I always come back to this and spend the whole time crushing on these ladies and crying in gay about how single I am. 😂👍🏻 why do I do this to myself? Man I need some hobbies, and probably a girlfriend. Honestly though it is so amazing I’m so glad this exists.

  11. Very good job, Braxie! The girls are very good at acting, balanced soundtrack. Expanse this lgbtq+ questions like older people or other perspective on lgbtq+ community 🙂

  12. Idk how they controlled their self while sleeping in the same bed I had the same relationship with my ex we broke up then become friends and went to a trip together and we slept in the same bed expect that we couldn't control ourselves and ended up making out

  13. I’ve seen this 8 times, and it never gets old. It’s my go to sad boi, lonely gay hour short film 🙂 I still find each scene as enchanting as the last and the videography is incredible x

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