Welcome to Grand Valley State University

Welcome to Grand Valley State University

There are many reasons Grand Valley
State University attracts the top students from across the country and
around the world but they’re best summarized in the school’s
straightforward mission of educating students to shape their lives, their
professions and their societies. And you come here you obtain a very high quality
degree in your professional field that will make you eminently employable all
over Michigan and the United States but at the same time you’ll also be gaining
so much more out of your education here, gaining a genuinely liberal education.
Grand Valley’s liberal education focus emphasizes critical thinking, creative
problem-solving and cultural understanding preparing students for
life in a fast changing world, it fosters a commitment to economic, social and
environmental sustainability and an inclusive campus that values diversity. With more than 200 areas of study Grand
Valley students can find the program that’s right for them and with
opportunities like the Honors College approximately 42 study abroad programs
and the annual student scholarship day they can further personalize their
education and challenge themselves to exceed the high standards and
expectations that have become synonymous with Grand Valley’s academic excellence.
Another unique learning opportunity available to Grand Valley undergraduate
students is the chance to work on research projects with faculty that most
colleges don’t offer until the graduate level. One of the most impressive things
is just the amount of hands-on experience that students get
we have a lot of labs, we have a lot of projects that students work on. Because
average class sizes are small and classes are taught by faculty members
not graduate assistants, professors get to know students on an individual basis
translating into a more personal interactive and meaningful learning
experience. One thing that that I think is most important at least for
me is to have that personal interaction with students to acknowledge
that they are individuals and they all have an individual story.
Grand Valley continues to set new standards for excellence in how its
state-of-the-art facilities promote academic achievement, the new John C
Kennedy Hall of Engineering and Cook DeVos Center for Health Sciences not
only allows students to integrate hands-on research in high tech settings
but also put students closer to employment, internships and community
outreach programs. The ability to go to Grand Valley, take the classes, get my
degree and still get so much work experience over here is I think the best a
biology student could hope for. Grand Valley’s inspiring classrooms are
matched by its convenient student services and modern living centers and
help to make Grand Valley campuses great places to study, learn and live. In the
past five or six years they built a lot of new housing some of the buildings
even have their own kitchen, they have their own bathroom and they’re pretty
big sized rooms, it’s a good like learning environment and a good social
environment. Campus life outside the living centers
is pretty special too student clubs and organizations teach leadership and
teamwork, hundreds of volunteer opportunities get you involved with the
community and recreational opportunities provide a chance to exercise your body
as well as your mind. There are approximately two hundred and
forty student organizations here it’s just great that it gives you a variety to get
involved, anything that you like you can find a club or organization or you can
start one. One popular place for students to meet is the fresh food company with
its wide selection of freshly prepared meals and welcoming spaces, it’s one of
many campus dining options. Students can also tear on Grand Valley’s athletic
teams for free at any home contest an exceptional bargain considering its many
recent team and individual national championships. Grand Valley’s main campus in Allendale
provides a serene suburban setting and offers all the benefits of a
comprehensive University and just 20 minutes away the downtown Grand Rapids
campus puts students in the heart of Michigan’s second largest city, students
can travel between campuses for no charge on the campus connect your bus
service. I fell in love with the campus, you kind of go under the arch and you just come into this completely different
world, red brick buildings and green grass and trees and it was just
absolutely beautiful. As part of Michigan’s West Coast
Allendale is just 25 miles from the Sun and fond of Lake Michigan and Grand
Rapids and it’s professional sports events, national musical and stage
performances, restaurants and museums, whatever road you take when it comes
time to walk across the stage at commencement Grand Valley students can
feel confident that they have been well prepared and will realize a great return
on their college investment. Recently more than 97% of Grand Valley graduates
were employed or in graduate school. Without that solid liberal arts
background it would not have succeeded in law school. Grand Valley has
established a reputation for preparing students to achieve in every field, based
on a solid liberal education foundation and supported by a commitment to
academic excellence, first-rate faculty and exceptional value, Grand Valley is
ready to help you define what achievement means to you, look to your
future, look to Grand Valley State University.

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