What Could You Buy With Student Loans?

What Could You Buy With Student Loans?

(light music) – I didn’t take out that many loans. – My student debt would have been at least $100,000 if it weren’t for my scholarships and lovely parents. (light music) – How many months of Netflix could you buy with the national average of student debt? – A. 4,380 B. 2,409 or C. 1,020 – C? 1,020 – I say C. 1,020 – A. 4,380 – I don’t even know
how many years that is. – Man, school is expensive. – How many one-day,
one-park Disneyland passes could you buy? – A. 684 B. 353 C. 408 – A. 684 – 408? – 353? Boom. Get on my level. – So you could go almost
every day for a year. – I feel so privileged to
have a college education. – How many times could you take a cruise around the world with minimum fare? – A. 0.5 B. 2 C. 3 – Probably 3 – A. 0.5 – 2? – Twice? Twice? – I can go around the world instead of sitting in lectures for four years? – Maybe you should just
go around the world twice instead of going to college, you’d probably learn more. (light music) – That number is crippling. That is insane. Like right now with no debt, I can barely get by life. – I’m thankful I don’t have that. – At the same time,
teachers have to make money. – It’s basically saying
you’re required to pay a lot of money in order to get a job. So ironic. (light music)

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  1. Let me just say something to all the people complaining about the price of Universities. The problem isn't that Universities cost money that shouldn't even be news to you, they always costed money no matter where you live in this world. The problem is the interest rates put on the money you borrow to go to college. The interest rates should not be that in the 4 to 5%. That is ridiculous it should be 0.5 to 1% . So you should be advocating to lower interest rates.

  2. Don't go to grad school- and don't become a professor! All that education, all that debt, and you're lucky to make enough to keep you above the poverty line.

  3. The education in Norway is free, but you can only get by if you live at home with your parents, or if you are super smart and have a really good part time job. So we take out student loans, amd its barely enough money to pay for food and rent.
    I guess that being a student sucks everywhere

  4. I'd never understand how the US still 'functions'… here, colleges/universities are free of charge, heck, we pay students to attend class!

  5. If I decide to be a doctor, medical school alone will put me in around $278,455 hahahahahahahaha (screaming) WHy am I so ambitious but poor?????

  6. Student loans don't exist where I live.. I never realized tgis was a thing in America… That's kind of horrible that these young people already have that much money to pay back to someone, can't even imagine it. Where I live the government pays for most of your education so… I guess we don't see all that money that is lost just from repeating a year… Or at all by going to school..

  7. Now how do we fix it? We all know its a problem! I say we only let kids borrow 10000 dollars per year so the colleges will be forced to lower their prices for tuition or go out of business

  8. if you join the Army in you go to an University you can go to any school in America for free. but when you are done with school you have to serve four years of being in the Army or another branch of military.

  9. Paid a ton of money to get into an elite college. Studied my butt off. Got excellent grades. Graduated. Got a job in a field completely unrelated to my major, but related to my hobby and previous part-time work experience.
    Left that company and started my own business. I could probably have gotten to where I am today if I had never spent all that money to go to college…and instead just by using the knowledge I gained by self-education through personal interest in something.

  10. In germany 1 Semester costs less than 200 dollar. You can get a room for 300-500 or live with your parents. You also get health insurance and 'children money' which are tax benefits until you are 25, as long as you are a student…

  11. I laughed at the teachers gotta make money comment because it ONLY applies to Universities and private institutions. I'm actually attending a community college to get my A.S in education. Since 8th grade I've wanted to teach. I never really knew what until now (I'm actually a PSEO student which means I can take college courses through that college whether that'd be online or on campus. I'm actually a Sophomore :/). I'm going to be a high school algebra teacher. I just enjoy math too much to not spend the rest of my life doing it.

  12. The average is $35k? I feel so lucky! By the time I graduate, I'll only have $22k! And I might have $20k taken care of with some bonds from my mom that'll be mature soon!

  13. I don't really understand the American student loan thing.
    In Australia, I can go and study with something called VET.
    For example. My study costs $35,000. But the government is going to pay for it. And once I'm earning around $45,000 or so a year. Then they will start taking out deductions of around $45 a week until it's paid off. I also have the ability to repay it sooner.

    Is it the same as America?

  14. You get in debt to go to school to get a job to pay your debt. Then you pay off that debt, get in more debt to buy a house and keep working to pay that off that debt. The point is to always be in debt. How can you live like that and be happy? I am debt free. Sure, I drive a Toyota and not a BMW, but I am debt free.

  15. you pay for college/uni to get specialised skills and knowledge. I went to uni later in life and went as far as i could in my career without the piece of paper. Some can become millionaires without a degree and some aren't so lucky. Do what works for you but i know im glad to have my piece of paper.

  16. "Teachers gotta make money." Buzzfeed, get a little informed. This is the point of view that villifies teachers in the US these days. These outrageous college bills aren't going into the pockets of rich teachers. They're going to administrators who run these things like corporations, while the teachers bust their asses working 80+hours each week to make maybe 25 grand/year. Don't blame teachers for skyrocketing college costs–they don't see any of that money.

  17. I'm in my third year of undergrad i owe $33,000 and i go to one of the cheapest 4 year universities in my state. I want to go to grad school when i finish. So that will be 20K a year if not more because you only get federal assistance for 4 years. Then people ask me why I haven't considered becoming a teacher. I am not paying close to 100K to get paid less than 30K a year.

  18. 10 years ATM in debt and counting.

    Actually ITS "EASY" TO PAY OFF the debt in 1-2 years with an average job, JUST don't eat/drink anything, don't pay rent, don't pay car payments, don't pay car insurance, don't pay for clotheing, don't go outside, don't have internet, don't have friends, don't get fallout 4, don't get a cellphone, don't get cellphone service, don't.

    Problem solved your debt free.

  19. Be smart about college. If there's a community college that has the same exact courses than a bigger college then go there. Just make sure the credits transfer, you'll save a ton of money. I'm basically going to college for free because it's a community college AND I got a scholarship there that pays for most of my classes.

  20. Its ridiculous. A person can gamble their money away in a casino and file for bankruptcy, but cant file for student loans. Join the conversation on my latest video. Lets tell the truth about college.

  21. what could you buy with a small loan of a million dollars? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  22. None of my family has student loans cause we all got scholarships but my one cousin is still in Oxford and another cousin is going to harbor in 1 year

  23. For those wanting to "do college" differently, you should check out the EBook "College out of the Box"! (and the FB page) My son was able to do college and high school together with NO student debt (a total of only about $3,000) from an accredited long distance college. Never had to step foot on a campus, NO debt, no wasted time! It works for adults wanting to get their degree, high school students who want to earn a few credits to transfer in to their choice school or the way my son did it! For sure, college is a HUGE business- don't let your kids start off life in debt or without the needed skills!

  24. Not only my country offers free education, but they also pay us to get into schools, colleges and universities(study allowances). Scholarships to study abroad are also given out to many citizens.

  25. To those that are not getting a government grant… If your parents let you live at home… stay at home. Living on campus would have cost me $13.5k a year…and that was with two roommates. The average student will take 5-6 years to finish college.

  26. I already have 30,000 dollars in loans and I've only gone through 2 semesters and I'm not really feeling it but now I can't leave because I have 30,000 dollars I have to pay back

  27. I had 30k in student loans, but I did something crazy…….wait for it……I got a degree that people actually hire you for and paid the d*mn thing off….wow crazy I know.

  28. You could buy an awful lot more with your salary after college. I pay 1975,- a year for a university in the Netherlands btw

  29. In England its $40,000 for a bachelors degree without taking into account living costs and etc. Ya- the tories screwed us over!

  30. I keep telling myself it's worth it as motivation to finish the semester xD But I seriously don't regret it. Without it, I doubt I would've left my home town.

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  32. Student debt is unfortunately kicking a lot of our butts. I joined @Givling which is a crowdfunding trivia game that uses funds raised from people who donate and ads to pay off student loans. If/when you are picked they will be pay up to 50k off your student debt. Don't have any? You can donate it to a loved one. Or you can get 25k towards your mortgage. Use my #givlingcode NT886354 to join and I believe you get a free play (you get 2 free plays a day already). <3 It's legit too if you are questioning it… they've already paid off multiple peoples loans!! Oh.. and it is all FREE!! It's an app and/or you can go on their website givling.com — again use #givlingcode NT886354 to join (this helps prevent bots from joining).

  33. "teachers gotta make money " … um . most of the money doesn't go to the teachers … you do realize that ? ugh …

  34. Good thing my parents are making big bucks because I don’t have to deal with more stress than I have already.

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