What Do College Kids Think Of College Parties Over The Last 50 Years In Film & TV?

What Do College Kids Think Of College Parties Over The Last 50 Years In Film & TV?

– (voice-over) What do
college kids today think of the portrayal of college parties
in film and TV over the decades? Are parties still the same today?
Are they accurate? We asked nine college kids
to watch various clips to find out. This is College Kids React
presented by Epic Night. – ♪ I came in the game… ♪ – (Zoey) A wise man once told me…
– Oh my god! I love this show! – (Zoey) …everyone has their thing.
– Grown-Ish. – (Zoey) …everyone has their thing.
I didn’t know what he was talking about at the time,
but it was SO true. – Ayy. I know what that is.
– (Zoey) For college kids who like to party, the baseline is beer…
– I’ve never seen a keg at a party. – (Zoey) …the baseline is beer,
weed, questionable jello shots. – Okay.
– (Zoey) They love their Oxy, their Vico, their Norco…
– There’s– what are these things? – (Zoey) Then there’s people
who do Molly. I dabble. I like a nice buzz,
but I don’t get, like, white-girl wasted.
– (chuckles) – (Zoey) But the tricky part
to having a thing was knowing how to balance it all.
– True. (chuckles) – It’s pretty accurate,
especially with the drug use. Usually, the room’s darker
and mustier. – Everyone’s kinda got their own thing
that they like to do at these parties. I’ve never seen
the harder stuff out there. – There is 10,000% accurate.
There’s different people that do different substances,
so I love how she kind of incorporated that, ’cause I feel
like a lot of people think that, oh, college kids just do
everything, you know? You just dabble in it all.
No, you pretty much stick to your little area.
– (FBE) So, since we have all college kids in this episode,
we wanted to show a variety of college party scenes
from college films throughout the decades and get some
of your thoughts. – Okay. This should be interesting.
I wonder how it changed. – (FBE) The added reason we’re making
this episode is because FBE has a new scripted, interactive series
called Epic Night that takes place on the last night of college.
– I do know the show, because I’m in the show. (chuckles)
– I was a part of it. I was in it. I was in it with my girlfriend,
my girlfriend Tori. We were both in it,
and we were playing a couple, so it was really easy.
We were like method acting. – (FBE) And we’re actually gonna
have you play some of it later in the episode.
– Okay! FBE leveling up. – I actually haven’t had the chance
to play through it just yet, so that’ll be actually really cool,
see if I can find me in it. – (narrator) The screen jumps for joy
with Glendon Swarthout’s… – Whoa! Where the Boys Are.
– Oh, wow. This is old. – (narrator) …inside story
of those uproarious Easter vacations. – Spring break, baby!
– (captain) The city of Fort Lauderdale is once again
under fire from the north. – “From the north.”
– Things literally haven’t changed. – (captain) The students of America
are gathering to celebrate the rites of spring.
– Yeah. Okay, that makes sense. – (narrator) Join the fun
as the gang tears loose where the boys are.
– I have never been to a party where someone’s lifted a car.
– This is probably the spring break that we all imagine
we wanna have. And then spring break rolls around,
and you remember that you’re broke. – Everything’s the same.
That’s so crazy. It’s like a human thing.
We just wanna turn up. – I grew up in Mexico,
and WE would get all the spring breakers coming
to my little Rosarito, Tijuana town and TRASHING the whole place.
Time and culture can change, but the things people have used
to have fun, like alcohol, that is the same alcohol. – Animal House, all right.
Creepy. Very, very creepy. – Oh, this looks like a toga party.
– ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ You know you make me wanna ♪
– ♪ Shout ♪ – ♪ Kick my heels up ♪
– Oh, I love this song. – ♪ Throw my hands back and ♪
– ♪ Shout ♪ – ♪ Come on now ♪
– You see, this is a party I would love to be in.
– This seems so much fun! No one’s grinding.
Everyone’s just singing the lyrics. This is like parents’ weekend.
– Music’s a little different. (chuckles) A little different.
– Live bands are so dope. This is so cool.
I would DIE to be at this party right now.
– Belushi. Ah. – I’m cringing.
– I don’t understand who first looked at a bed sheet, and they were like,
“I’ve got a theme for a party.” – I’ve never been to a party
like that, okay? But maybe it’s because
I’m not part of Greek life. – It’s so true. If you’ve
ever been part of a frat– I never have, but all my friends
that were in frats, at least once a year
there’s a toga party. (doorbell rings)
– Oh, Revenge of the Nerds. – If there was a name
for my Instagram page, it would be Revenge of the Nerds,
because I used to be a nerd, and I’m getting those apologies
from all the people at my high school. – Okay. Okay. Okay.
– The way everybody’s dressed is really interesting.
– (Booger) Hi. – Very ’80s.
– Oh my god. Their outfits. – Oh, yikes. He did not expect
this crowd to roll in. He’s happy, though.
A lot of girls. – (chuckles)
– Honestly, they look like they’re ready to party.
♪ (Michael Jackson, “Thriller”) ♪ – There are like 10 people
at this party. – Oh, yes. Uh-huh. Work, King. – (laughs) They’re all buttoned up.
There isn’t a crop top in sight! – (Booger) …Mus sure can party!
– (chuckles) Never seen that.
– I feel like movies think that a lot more dancing happens
at parties than does. – There’s no just nerds, just jerks.
A lot of people think it’s cool to be a nerd, so a lot of jocks
are into nerdy stuff. Everything kind of blended together,
and now it’s just who you like, who you enjoy hanging out with,
which is so much better. – (man) What’s up, babes?
– (woman 1) Pack up your rape culture and take a hike!
– Yes! – That’s me. I’m that friend.
– (man) You want a brew dog? – (woman 1) We’re not
interested in your penis! – AHHH!
– (woman 2) I think he’s offering us a beer.
– (chuckles) – (woman 2) We would like a beer.
– (man) Okay. Get me a beer! Get me a beer!
– (chuckles) Get me a beer! Come on! She said yeah!
– (woman 1) It’s like if you’re nice to them… they bring you things?
– (woman 2) Exactly. – That is so good!
– A lot of frat people get a lot of [bleep] too,
like they’re rapey or they’re just trying
to drug you and stuff, and I’ve actually met a lot
of good frat guys who aren’t rude.
The stigma of people thinking their horrible
is not cool either. – It seemed very relevant
to today and the conversations that we’re having today.
Now, more than ever, people are tired of just sitting back
and letting it happen. And so, now we’re more
outspoken about it. – Old Schoo– oh,
I love Will Farrell. – Such a classic.
– (Frank) I told my wife I wouldn’t drink tonight.
– His wife? – (Frank) Besides, I got
a big day tomorrow, but you guys have a great time.
– (student 1) A big day? Doing what? – (Frank) Well, um, actually
a pretty nice little Saturday. We’re gonna go to Home Depot!
Yeah, buy some wallpaper. – I feel like that’s
what I’m turning into as I’m getting older.
– (Frank) Maybe Bed Bath & Beyond. I don’t know.
I don’t know if we’ll have enough time.
– (laughs) – If I were in this situation,
I’d be like, “Sweet. Sounds like a good day.”
I feel like people don’t care if you don’t wanna
get drunk that much. – (Frank) I’ll do one.
I’ll do one. – (student 2) He gon’ do one!
– That is the most dangerous thing to say: “I’ll do one.” – Yeahhhh! Get it, Will! – Why would you wanna drink
something through a funnel? – (crowd cheering)
– Oh my god! – Now, I’ve definitely
seen that before. I may or may not have partaked
in way too many beer bongs. (chuckles) – (crowd) Frank the Tank!
Frank the Tank! – Look at him. He’s a hero.
– We’ve all been there. “I’m gonna go out.
I’m gonna have one drink. I’m just gonna have
one little drink.” And then fast forward to 4 AM,
I’m passed out in my bathroom. – Now that we’re getting more
and more recent years, it’s starting to look more
and more like parties today. And it’s cool,
because you’re looking back on all these generations.
I wonder what other generation’s gonna look back
and look at us. – (FBE) So, as promised,
you’re now going to be playing a part of FBE’s interactive series
that takes place on the last night of college, Epic Night!
Epic Night will be exclusively on Eko, where there
are hundreds of ways your night can go down
and a dozen variables on the ending. And you are the one
in control of it all. – Super fun! I love
choose your own adventure games. – (voice-over) It’s Martin’s
last night of college. – Let’s go, Martin!
– (voice-over) …trying to have a great night with his
best friend Lillis. – Hey! That’s my voice!
(chuckles) Whoa! – (voice-over) …on your screen
like this one, you make a decision.
– I will! I will, Tom! – (voice-over) Your decisions
will determine the fate of his friendships
and how his night will end. – Oh, shoot. This seems
like a lot of pressure. – (voice-over) Will you help
Martin kiss the girl dance with his best buds,
– Kiss the girl. – (voice-over) …sad and alone,
or someplace unexpected? – Unexpected!
– (voice-over) Ready to start Martin’s night?
– There’s so many choices. It’s like I’m Martin.
– Ooh! Okay, I’m doing it. Start. Oh my god. I’m so nervous, Martin.
I hope I make the right choices for you.
– (Lillis) I mean, I didn’t think she was the one, you know?
Just like I could see us adopting a dog together one day.
I don’t know. I feel like she led me on. Am I being crazy?
Are you even listening to me? – No.
– (Lillis) I’m over here describing the peaks and valleys of my…
– Uhhh, no, because I’m honest! I’m not listening to you.
– (Lillis) …video again? – All right, I wasn’t listening.
– It’s true. – (driver) You guys
are graduating tonight? This is graduation night?!
– (Martin) Yes! Yes, it is. – (driver) Ah, you guys are
gonna have such a good time. It’s gonna be such a big night!
Every choice you make tonight will determine the rest of your lives.
– Ahh. – (driver) Choices you make…
– Ay. – (driver) Decisions matter.
– Oh, okay. – (Lillis) I know she’ll be
at Zaya tonight, ’cause she got a ticket weeks ago.
Maybe we could swing by, check it out, maybe snag
some tickets ourselves. Who are you sextin’?
– Hmm. My dad. He doesn’t need to know.
– (Lillis) You won’t believe this. this out.
– (panics) Ahh, should we stay or go?! Stay or go?! Ah! Ah! Go!
– (Jess) Why didn’t we get tickets to Zaya Fest?
– Let’s go to Zaya. Nah, you could get resale tickets.
– (Jess) Do something, because I’m not
staying here all night. – Handle it! Go to the festival!
– Cheer her up! – (Jess) Ah, it just seems
so lame hanging here the entire night. – (Martin) No! I need to dance too!
– Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. – (Martin) You deserve it. I’m on it! – But also, they can just dance–
yeah, they can just dance where they are.
– (Shook) Hello, my children! – (Martin) There it is!
– (Lillis) Shookity Shook Shook Shook. There she is.
– (Jess) Owee. – Is that that girl
from Pretty Little Liars?! – (Shook) Oh, sorry.
I have crystals in my bra. – Whoa.
– (Lillis) Have you seen Shook? I can’t find her.
– (gasps) I know where to look. – (Lillis) Come on. She’s in there
like a moth to a flame. – So, I know that we can find
some of my friends in this, so we’re gonna follow Jess.
– (Jess) Hey, guys. – Oh my god!
– (Jess) The woman who did… – Eric and Tori!
– Look at it. Look at it. That’s me.
– (woman) How lucky are we? – (Jess) I mean, pretty lucky.
– So, when you see the perspective of them talking, it’s from our eyes.
– (man) In our dreams. – That’s me. I was stoned–
my character was stoned. – (man) She went that way.
– (woman) No, it was definitely that way.
– (man) No, babe– – (woman) I saw her…
– (man) Their friend went that way. – (woman) …go through here,
’cause she did this, and then she went that way.
– (chuckles) – (woman) No, I–
– (Martin) I hope the best for you guys.
– (Jess) Good luck. – (Martin) Thank you.
– (woman) My mom hates you. – (man) Wow.
– Whoa-oh! The truth comes out! – Originally, um, it was just
supposed to end with me being like, “She went that way.”
And then they follow that way, but they wanted us to fight.
So, we just started saying words. And at one point, Tori just goes,
“My mom hates you.” And they went, “Cut! Perfect!” (audio rewinding) – (Jess) …didn’t have
face paint with her? – (Lillis) When she’s baked
out of her mind? – (Martin) Let’s–
let’s check the bookshelf. – (Jess) Are you guys serious?
– Yes, because she’s gonna go anyways. Oh, she didn’t. Oh.
She’s a little bit sassy! – (Martin) Let’s check the bookshelf.
– (Jess) Are you guys serious? – Am I [bleep]-blocking him?
They’re smoking in here. – (Lillis) Have you guys seen…
– I knew it! It’s a stoner room.
– I swear, this is so accurate. Oh my god. Every party
has a room like this. – (man) And she looked
a little sad. – This guy’s on a lot more
than marijuana. – (Jess) Hey, have you guys
seen Shook? – (Rufus) No.
– That guy looks familiar. – (Rufus) You guys
wanna go bowling? – (Lillis) Uh, we’re good.
Thanks, though, Rufus! – Oh! (laughs)
He’s going by himself! Yes, Rufus!
– (Lillis) What the [bleep] is a thinking place?
– (Jess) It’s a meditation tent. It’s behind the aquatic center.
– (Lillis) Look, it kind of looks like she’s at Tacos Tu Bebé.
We should go check there first. – (Martin) Well, why don’t we
just split up and check both? – (Jess) Okay. Well,
I’m checking the thinking place. – If there’s a vote for tacos,
I’m voting taco. Uh… (panics) ah, ah, ah!
Go with Jess. Gotta stick to what I’ve been…
awww, look at her. She wants him to go with her so bad.
Okay, I made the right choice. – (Lillis) Seriously, dude?
– (Jess) Bye, Lillis! – Awww! He should be like,
“Wait, guys! Wait up! I’ll come with ya!”
– This was shot really, really well, like really well. I feel like
I was watching a Netflix original type thing.
– It’s crazy to be so invested in the story,
’cause you’re in the story. It’s like you are the main character.
– It was a fun experience getting to play Rufus.
You get to see him throughout the show as well.
It was fun to be in this project. It’s fun to see how,
you know, the paths diverge from one another.
– (FBE) So, that was just one of four episodes, but all
are available now on Eko… – Oh, I’m about to go play.
– (FBE) …where your choices will impact how the night
ultimately goes. – Entertainment is always evolving.
A lot of people now are wanting to kind of put themselves
into their games, into their shows.
And I think it’s definitely gonna be on the rise.
And I love that we’re one of the first ones to do it.
– (FBE) Finally, most of these films and TV shows dealt
with the stereotypes of what people think of
when they think of college parties. How did your college party experience
stack up to the college parties that you typically see
on TV and film? – I think that my college party
experience was a lot different than what I was expecting
and what I had seen in the media. I was a little disappointed
with the parties that I had gone to. – It’s so much more hanging out
and less an event. It’s just hanging out
with your friends and being loud, ’cause you’ve got
the chance to be loud. – College portrayed in TV and film
is typically very stereotypical, where no one’s gonna have
that same exact experience. I feel like everyone that’s been
through the college experience knows that, and it’s weird
that TV writers and stuff forget that. You know, like,
did they ever go to a party? – Hi, guys! It’s JC,
producer at FBE. Did you enjoy watching Epic Night?
Then make sure to go play it yourself and be in control over on Eko.
All the links are gonna be down below. Check ’em out and help
support us. Bye, guys.

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  2. 0:30 I once threw a party with a keg of Guinness back in college. It was around the holidays so the party was called Guinness Christmas.

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