17 thoughts on “What Does An Instructional Designer Do?

  1. I worked with a talented instructional designer at Penn State and I wish I watched this video before working with her. Great overview for someone who is not in the field.

  2. Great insights! An instructional Designer profession in South East Asia is relatively new and it's hard to explain to people about what is our role and why Instructional Designer is important in learning? Most people just went on straight to the SME and take everything and dump all the information into their online learning platform.

    This video and the article referred is a very great insight. Thank you

  3. Well explained.
    Can you do a video on different applications that are used for storyboarding!
    Is it fair to ask an instructional designer to convert the storyboard into animation using different instructional designing tools?

  4. Great video. Just subscribed. I do find in most companies I have worked for that the role of ID and Developer fall to the same person. Often this is done to avoid the added cost of another head or the cost of outsourcing. It is very difficult to be great at both because, as you said, they are different skillsets. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  5. Thank you for this! As a recent graduate with my MS in Instructional Design & Technology, I am discovering that most of the ads for IDs want it ALL and in one person. While I did learn some Storyline, Camtasia, and audio/video editing skills, they were not the primary focus of the IDT program. Learning theories and cognition was the meat of the program. I'm just lucky I already had some HTML5, Adobe CC, and web design skills.

  6. I am in the process of applying for M Ed in instructional design. However, I have no experience as a teacher. Is that ok. What's the difference between MS / M ED in instructional design

  7. Thanks for the video. I'm an instructional designer that also has graphic design and multimedia development skills..so to say it's rare is not the case.

  8. Great video. Quick question. Would it be difficult for a new graduate (M.Ed. Learning systems technology) to find a job? My undergrad is in Psychology. The only experience I will have is a Master's in Learning Systems technology and a Internship I'm currently doing in the program. Thanks if you can answer this!

  9. I am called an 'Instructional Technologist' at my institution instead of 'e-content developer' etc etc… Luckily I am asked to do design work as well!

  10. Very clear cut video about what the role of an ID is. What I would like to know is can a non technical person become an ID?

  11. I just subbed. I am looking to go to school for this. Any suggestions? What are the top schools/companies who are leading Instructional Design?

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