Whiplash Amazing Final Performance (Caravan) (Part 1) | Whiplash (2014) | 1080p HD

Whiplash Amazing Final Performance (Caravan) (Part 1) | Whiplash (2014) | 1080p HD

Uh… Now we’re going to slow it down a little bit I’m guessing most of you folks have heard *Cymbal crash and drum intro plays* *what is he doing* I’ll cue you in. “Caravan” Three, four *Bass plays* *Mouths* “Fuck you” *Piano plays* *Cue the brass* *Saxes play and now the whole band plays* I will gouge out your motherfucking eyes *CRASH* *Now enjoy the concert* *Trombone solo* *Wait* *Is Fletcher actually jamming to the performance?* *Is that a smile???* *Yep*

37 thoughts on “Whiplash Amazing Final Performance (Caravan) (Part 1) | Whiplash (2014) | 1080p HD

  1. People acting like this is a "Yeah, he totally owned Fletcher!" scene are so wrong. This isnt triumphant, this is tragic. Nieman has become Fletcher, he's thrown away everything in his life to music; in this final scene he validates Fletcher, he becomes the musician who he was trying to make all along. An obsessive, vindictive perfectionist. As the film makers say, yeah he's more advanced as a musician, but the cost is too great. He's broken. He wont lead a band or become famous, he'll probably "overdose in some hotel" cause the pressure gets too much, just like Fletcher's last "star pupil".

    That smile at the end, thats not acknowledgement… That's "I was right all along. I was justified."

  2. Literally just watched this in my film appreciation class, had never seen it, and I regret not having seen it when it first came out.

  3. People talk about how sad this movie is because of Andrew's obsession going too far, and that it doesn't portray music as fun, and that it's not bout music, but you can see the joy in Andrew's face at 4:32. He isn't just drumming to meet Fletcher's expectations, he is finally becoming a better and better drummer while still having fun with it. Apparently Damian Chazelle talks about Andrew dying early after becoming a legend, but I'm sure he had fun along the way and that he wasn't just doing it for recognition. He loves his art, and I'm sure he didn't die depressed.

  4. левая рука постоянно меняет постановку ,,, то олдскул то классик)) ясно что фильм, и фильм класснный!!! но джазовый барабанщик видит сразу постановку рук ибо это главное!)

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