Why Special Education?

Why Special Education?

[Narrator] Why be a special education teacher?
[Bob] Why wouldn’t anyone become a special educator?
Why would they choose a different field?
[Tammy] Why not? It is an amazing job.
You get paid in bigger dividends then you would
ever want or ever experience.
You work with some amazing students that are more
difficult, but the rewards are so much bigger. [Tom] Wow! Why would you not?
What other kind of profession to you get the
opportunity to make a direct impact on the lives
of children and families. The young kids we work
with at the ASSERT program, you know we are
teaching them how to talk, how to interact socially
with their environment, we are making a real
difference in their lives. [Allison] You do it
because you love it. You do it because you care
about kids having success. Maybe you didn’t have so
much success in school or maybe you had a sibling
or a friend that you could see that was struggling
and you want to make a difference and that is
why you become a special
educator. [Shalese] You get to feel so much more success, you
know, I think it helps connect me to the little
joys in life. You know when you have
been working so long on something with somebody
and they pick it up finally and it’s
just like yes!
It’s the best thing! [Tashina] I get to advocate for people that
maybe can’t advocate for themselves and encourage,
you know, positive interactions of people of
all abilities. [David] But I really
do think that a special educator, when they
do their job well, can liberate a child’s world
and broaden their world so that they can have access
and experience the things that they wouldn’t
have otherwise. [Nancy] For people who
are interested in making a difference in kid’s lives,
I think special education is a great place to be.
[Heather] It’s all about having passion for what
you are doing, and having compassion for the
individuals that you are working with.
It is fun, it’s also really hard and really
challenging, but the challenges are what help
us to grow and become better teachers. [Angie] Being a
para-educator and working in the resource department
that I work in, seeing small successes of
children making letter sounds, writing letters on
their paper and trying to do it for months and
months, and then they finally get it -and you
celebrate that and you celebrate it with others
that have the same passion as you do.
And it makes your heart happy; it puts a smile on
your face. So becoming a special
educator and a certified teacher through Utah State
University, I think that is going to put a huge
smile on my face and make my heart happy. [Scott] Becoming
a special ed. teacher in the mild
moderate program is one of the most rewarding
things I have ever done. [Jeri] There is not a
better profession out there, anywhere,
then special ed. Special ed you work with
the most at risk kids, you make the biggest
connection, and they’re in your heart
forever, forever! [Kirk] It’s a no
brainer…it’s what you want to do.
[Narrator] You’ve heard from several people who
are special educators. By the way, I’m a
special educator. I graduated from Utah
State in the mild moderate program and I’m
a teacher now. So again, why special
education at Utah State University?
Because you can truly shape lives.
So be a special educator. [Tammy] Shape lives.
[Tashina] Shape lives. [Bob] Shape lives.
Be a special educator at Utah State University.

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  1. I have a drug offense that bars me from working in Juvenile corrections, but I still want a job where I can beat children. If I'm too fat to be a gym teacher is special education the right career path?

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