Why universities in Bavaria don‘t charge tuition fees?

Why universities in Bavaria don‘t charge tuition fees?

Hi! I am Leo, and I will explain you why as an
international student you can study at any state university in Bavaria while paying zero
tuition fees. In Germany, federal states are responsible
for the basic funding of all public universities. Bavarian state is therefore responsible for
the funding of all public universities in Bavaria. But what does that mean for you? Well, each student who possesses the sufficient
qualification can study here without paying any fees. And that means you can invest your money in
other things. But remember to include an administrative
fee, the so-called semester fee, in your costs of living. Even though you don’t pay any tuition
fees, you still get plenty of service. Germany has excellent standards in research
and teaching, and did you know? Some of the best universities are located
right here in Bavaria. For more information make sure to check out
our websites on how to finance your studies in Bavaria.

One thought on “Why universities in Bavaria don‘t charge tuition fees?

  1. Funny how they left out that students had to fight for their right to study without any fees after the government introduced them a while back. The former FAU president Grüske was a huge proponent of these fees!

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