Williston Jones Diversity Leadership Scholarship

Williston Jones Diversity Leadership Scholarship

My name is Maiya Varner. Courtney Wiggins. Christopher McMichael. I’m from Edgewood, New Mexico. I’m from St. Louis, Missouri. Portland, Oregon. In my mind that just kind of means to break
the mold of whatever stereotype, or whatever kind of stigma has been put on you or the
people you associate with, or your race, or anything like that, and to just be the best
you that you can be. Since I am African-American, I can bring my
experiences or background to a field that may not have a lot of women of color, or women
period, and I get to bring my unique self to it (laughs). It means a lot to be a scholar because it
proved to me that I can make my own path, and my future is up to me. Coe community is 100% family. The Coe community is pretty inclusive. The diversity is amazing and Coe does a really
good job of making every single student feel comfortable. Coe cares about the student themselves, not
about the number, or about the statistic. I’ve met a lot of different people that just
either randomly came up to me during lunch and said, “Hi,” or if I ask them a question,
they were more than willing to help me. Here everyone is just a giant melting pot
and it doesn’t matter what you look like, what you’re into. I just want to keep growing that mindset of
a family environment. I want to be able to welcome in as many people
as possible. I want to learn about as many different cultures as possible. And I want to just build up what has already
been established here at Coe.

One thought on “Williston Jones Diversity Leadership Scholarship

  1. Someone white ask another color why their people haven’t made diversity mandatory.
    Brace for the hypocrisy ,
    Either Diversity is rite, or it’s not,
    Just like the N-Word

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