Women Techmakers IWD’19 #IamRemarkable

JULIA SILVA: I Am Remarkable is
a global Google initiative that strives to empower women
and underrepresented groups to speak openly about
their accomplishments, while challenging
the social perception around what it means
to self-promote. For the first time, we
partnered with Women Techmakers during International Women’s Day
to help share the power of I Am Remarkable globally and
encourage women everywhere to celebrate their achievements. RANA ABDELHAMID: It’s
important for women to promote themselves and
celebrate their accomplishments and to articulate
their accomplishments. Because oftentimes
we’re socialized not to find pride
in what we’ve been able to bring into the world. PIYALI DEY: I am
remarkable because I’m a believer of my dream. If you can dream it,
you can achieve it. NATASHA WAINWRIGHT: I’m
remarkable because I’m radically curious. That’s like my
secret superpower. NOUHA JAAFAR: I’m remarkable
because I inspire people. GUEOLOUI REJODA: I want
to change the world, even a little bit. AMANI MEDINI: I’m remarkable
because I have strong will. I’m remarkable because
I’m so sensitive. And being sensitive
makes me really strong. And I’m remarkable
because I’m a woman. JULIA SILVA: We
don’t want to fall behind our self-promoting peers. Right? Because there’s so
many benefits, again not just from a
professional standpoint, but from a personal
standpoint as well. We really just want us
to be proud and showcase how remarkable we really are.

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