Women Techmakers presents Hariny Murli: It’s Not Where You Are, It’s What You Do Best

Women Techmakers presents Hariny Murli: It’s Not Where You Are, It’s What You Do Best

Hello, all. My name is Hariny,
and I am a coder. I have had the good
fortune of being to some of the best schools in
the country and in the world. I received a bachelor’s
in computer science from the College of Engineering,
Guindy, Anna University, and a master’s in the same
from Stanford University, California. My first job was with Lab126. For those of you who
haven’t heard of Lab126, it is Amazon’s research
base for its consumer electronic products,
notably the Kindles. Now, this was a dream
come true for me, because Kindle is one
of those few products that I admire to the
core for its simplicity, yet its powerful
impact that it’s had on the way people read today. So after that dream stint
of three years in the US, I relocated back to India in
the beginning of January, 2013. Now 9 out of 10 people
that I meet are stunned– and not in a good way, I
might add– with the fact that I relocated too soon. It’s a prevalent
perception amongst people here that returning from
the United States, which is the land of opportunities,
is not a great decision. It definitely features in Top
10 Stupidest Career Mistakes You Can Make in a Lifetime. I have received reactions
ranging from the brutal– are you out of your mind?–
to the sympathetic head tilt– did you choose it? Did your parents arm-twist you? Wait. It doesn’t end there. The cherry on the cake
for me is the reaction I get from people when I tell
them that I’m a remote worker. Yes. You heard right. I work from home for the
Amazon Chennai office ever since I got married, and I
have been doing that for a year now. People’s perception
about working from home is extremely interesting
and extremely flawed, too. Their gut reaction to
it is that remote work, that just does not work at all. And it’s extremely
detrimental to career growth. How do you do it? Whatever perceptions
and assumptions you might have about working
from outside an office, I can tell you that
there is definitely a way to make it work and
a way to thrive doing it. So I figured this is
the perfect opportunity to share three simple
tips that have helped me make my remote work effective. Tip one. Create an office workspace
for yourself at home. Duh. That’s a simple and trivial
thing to say and do. Right? But believe me, the
little things matter. The mind is fickle,
and you often have to play your tricks
on it before it plays you. Doing this, creating a
replica of an office workspace inside your house, infuses
the idea in you constantly that you are no different
from a regular office-goer. And it sets the
tone for the day. You get up in the morning,
you walk into that space, a sense of conviction and
responsibility sets in, and it carries through the day. Also remember, a 9 to 5
timing, or some timing should be set for
your office hours. Now, this kind of timing
system doesn’t usually work in an IT office. But believe me when I say this. This is very, very important
when you’re working from home. Because guess what? The danger of procrastination
and distractions just got multiplied
like a billion-fold when you’re working from home. So stick to your
timings, and instruct to your family and friends. Sit them down nice and easy. Tell them to stay away
during those work hours. My husband usually
goes, do not disturb. Wolverine at work. It has its moments. Tip two. Communication. Now, this poses a little
bit of a problem when you’re working, like, thousands
or probably 100 miles away from your actual office. So it’s normal for
you and your team to feel cut off from each other. I won’t lie to you,
this is a steep curve that you need to get ahead of. But you can do it
through a lot of means. You can talk to
people over phone. You can do a video conference. And you can travel once
in a while to the office just to have that little bit of
face time with your colleagues. What you will notice is
that with due cause of time, people start appreciating
and respecting, even, the fact that
you’re making the effort to constantly solicit
their opinions and resolve issues quickly. Believe me, they will
respect you for it. And you will get
ahead of that curve. Tip three. This is probably the hardest of
them all and the simplest, too, at the same time. Determination. It is very, very normal
for mental anxiety to kick in when you learn
a new task or you take up a new challenge. Working remotely is
daunting, definitely. But what isn’t? Nothing in life
comes easy, does it? With the right determination,
you can overcome any hump. Just take it one step at a time. Be proud of what you
do, and celebrate what you’ve toiled for. If there’s anything
I have learned in the last year of
my working remotely, it is that where you
are should not come in the way of what you do best. You just cannot let it. End of story.

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  1. Feels so good after listening to you !! Your an inspiration to all Indian women who wanna change their lives !!

  2. I'm happy to be a part of this group, I am loven it my work for years is finally paying off and we was the ones that was not to have such a skill now can be seen.

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