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  1. I usually have an instant dislike for sales types (particularly car ones) but this dude is solid. #respect

  2. always like to see mostly Asian girl's smile.. no matter wherever they grow up.. that makes me proud as an Asian.. nice video.. Love them.. wish could update them now.. 😍

  3. Interracial dating is disgusting; people need to stick to their own. It's more important to have pride in your ethnicity and to continue your people's bloodline. People have no concept of loyalty these days……..how disappointing.

  4. This format genuinely annoys me.
    The questions don't let people express themselves that much and the format is composed of pretty shallow questions =/

  5. He’s hot!

    Also degree doesn’t mean anything, you need to get proper job training and certifications vs a degree sometimes for certain occupations.

  6. I have a further degree and a well paid job. It would be very limiting to require a partner of same level and it probably wouldn't work well. I dont want an intellectual sparring partner, and I hit off best with girls who TBH are a bit dim – they tend to be sexier anyway, perhaps to compensate. I've never told those girls my qualifications or show off money but they sense I'm different and seem attracted to that. I have never met an intelligent educated girl who was interested in me anyway, surprising and a bit disappointing.

  7. I couldn't tell if he really was portuguese but then he kept talking about his cousins and at the end he said that he's always hungry so now I'm 100% sure he is portuguese xd

  8. The real question is … Would you date someone with a degree but no job ?
    Every graduate I met had no job or was working in something unrelated to their field of "Study"

  9. He seems wholesome she seems a bit cold. I am just gonna assume that the fact he learned financial managment from his mom and she from USC is quite telling of the why.

  10. 2 mins in, I can tell – no match here. I'll just skip ahead to see if I'm right.
    Weelll some egg on my face BUT I still think they maybe went on one date & called it a day

  11. I work 70 to 90 hours a week, and I don’t have a college degree, it’s about intelligence not education, all that I’ve learned is from online courses and I’m glad that you have the time to do whatever I want and don’t care what people think of me.

  12. I liked these two. The guy was cool, but when they left the screen, he walked away like Howdy Doody. I thought that was funny.

  13. I would totally date someone less educated than me, but not someone who is less wise or less smart. I have in the past and sometimes it's gone well, when they're curious about the world and an independent thinker. It's also gone bad when the difference causes them to be insecure and constantly threatened by my knowledge and wisdom (most of which didn't come from formal education tbh) or they have a rigid way of thinking and looking at the world. It's been my experience that in general, people with more education tend to be interested in looking at things from multiple viewpoints, but I wouldn't go in to meeting someone with pre-assumptions. It's attractive to me when someone is smart in a different way than I am and has a different life experience.

  14. The LACK of intellectual curiosity, for me, becomes a turn-off: the folks who don't know, and, refuse to even try to know. A lot of educated people aren't necessarily intelligent.
    The avoidance/refusal of truth/enlightenment/education seems to be a characteristic of the MAGA-hat crowd, who continue to parrot "No Collusion", even after the very definition of collusion has been painted for them, and, it's a Hi-Def portrait of tRUMP and Putin stealing the 2016 election. Now, they're parroting "No Quid Pro Quo", as though they have even the slightest inkling of what that might be, despite, yet again, all evidence to the contrary.
    That characteristic (lack of intellectual curiosity), by itself, is enough to preclude the relationship from proceeding a whole lot further.

  15. She has been brainwashed just like most people who judge others base on a college degree.
    What a joke if she believes this let her.

  16. How bout just dating someone who’s not a wanker? There are plenty of academically bright people out there that can’t even be trusted to sit on a toilet seat the right way. Common sense is a rarity these days.

  17. He’s wrong. You absolutely can learn how to become a salesperson and how to improve by going to school. It helps if you have raw talent on you’re side also

  18. Asian girl, white guy. so typical and cliche. I wonder if they could think of something more original like maybe a Black guy and Asian girl?

  19. there are people with degrees who are clueless. there are people without degrees who are very well read and highly intelligent.

  20. Oh gosh, I'm so proud of her when she mentioned being a contributor to the household income.👍🥂🍾🍻🍺🥃🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  21. So I'm around 1 minute into this and I'm going to say that I'm not going to like her. Now, I will be honest and after watching the entire video I'll say whether or not I was wrong and changed my mind. Here I go ……

  22. Ummm ….I think …that in the end …I sorta kinda like her. Not over the top like, but a like her none the less. 🙂

  23. This guy is smarter than many people I know with a degree. Having a college degree doesn't automatically mean you're smart or a hard worker, some people pay for their unqualified kids to get into college. Anyway, happy she didn't judge him and they connected.

  24. I am glad they both decided to date. The guy was smart and yes I still believe you are who you are regardless of education even tho I was in school all my life but I am still the same person.

  25. Sometimes all college gives you is a stuck up personality with a big ego, trust me I’ve went there and seen it all 🤷🏽‍♀️

  26. If you think about it every one is less educated no one keeps learning something new unless it benefits them.

  27. Far too often I have experienced a hugely profitable business, built by a combination of people with classroom education and workplace education and experience, be taken over by someone highly educated who immediately replaces all with people with only classroom education. Bankruptcy followed very closely. I avoid such classroom educated people like the plague. We have all seen it, a father develops a million dollar business, is so proud of the first son to graduate university, son inherits, fires those with blue collar roots, replaces them with 100% classroom education, family loses everything. Yes, it came to a town near you.

  28. If you let a partners education determine your love story? You're might be in for future disaster… you should go with the person whose loyal, loves you, enjoys your company, and just being around them excites you internally. Yes, you have to have money to survive and support a family that's why the larger income partner should be the bread winner. I do not believe male should be head of household just because male, if the woman makes more income and has higher education = head of household. I also think that's just a thing on paper the household should be equal, if you love someone equality comes naturally. Even if I was a multi millionaire I would marry a female with only a high school education if I knew she was what I wanted and vice versus. Money is great but it won't achieve love and its difficult if impossible LEARNING to love someone as opposed to falling in love due to attraction physically/mentally.

  29. My boss makes 140k a year selling and installing internet/tv. His brother has a bachelor's in electrical engineering, and a mba, and makes 60k. So much for college degrees guaranteeing better incomes.

  30. This QUESTION would DATE or be someone WHOM was LESS EDUCATED then YOU are MAN or WOMAN , I PURPOSE another QUESTION would DATE or be with someone WHOM made MORE MONEY then YOU did . EDUCATION is the KEY they say , but I KNOW WHOM are HIGHLY EDUCATED by there INCOME does not MATCH there EDUCATIONAL LEVEL ,there are also INDIVIDUALS WHOM there INCOMES EXCEED there EDUCATIONAL LEVEL by a GREAT DEAL . It's a PRADOCKS which is MORR IMPORTANT to YOU as INDIVIDUAL in LIFE MONEY or EDUCATION . Would SELL YOURSELF in LIFE or EDUCATION , if these the ONLY ISSUES that COUNT to YOU as a MAN or WOMAN YOU are with do DISCOUNT the REST of HUMAN BEING YOU are with LIFE . ALL YOU in them in LIFE is a EDUCATION or DOLLAR SIGN .. There are in LIFE that MONEY will NEVER BUY YOU , the EDUCATIONAL ASPECT of it there in LIFE no matter how much EDUCATION YOU obtain in LIFE YOU NEVER have in LIFE ..WE have now become so SHALLOW in ALL WE see of OTHER HUMAN BEING is a EDUCATION or a DOLLAR SIGN . Do WE EXSIT on this EARTH as HUMAN BEINGS or is that's WE have become to OTHERS AROUND US in LIFE. In the OVER 5,000 or MORE YEAR'S that's ALL WE are now as HUMAN BEINGS , that's WHY MORE and MORE I know and WITHDRAWING from INDIVIDUALS AROUND it's BEST to be with NO ONE rather then ASSOCIATE or be AROUND INDIVIDUALS with this MENTALITY in LIFE. YOU LOOK UP and FIND MENTALITY YOU have REGRESSED to there POINT in LIFE as a HUMAN BEING and it's MORE to LIFE then just those TWO FACEXT of LIFE , what becoming as HUMAN BEINGS.

  31. There is no such thing as equal. Women purposely will earn less to take more later, even writing there soon before divorce. Women hide money when the earn more, even syphoning money to their mother or closest friends to hoard which is technically legal

  32. In my early 20s, I dated someone who had no interest in college whereas I was set on getting my degree. That was fine, except he didn't like anything remotely intellectual—not books, not museum visits. It's like he was actively against curiosity. That troubled me.

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