5 thoughts on “Writing Effective Learning Outcomes and Objectives – Full Presentation

  1. Some schools of thought reject the idea of using "understand," in an objective while others embrace it. This concerns me as I see it as an open ended objective to measure a students level of understanding- deep, superficial or intermediate. This rubric would be established by the intangible aspects of a learning audience- prior knowledge, region  socio-economic background, age, vocabulary, attention and so on.  I wish I knew this as absolute. It makes  very confusion when there is such a rift in basic ideas of writing objectives. What do you think?

  2. Dear Benny! You are right! Many people are using it; however, most educators either do not use it or use it by connecingt it with other "doable" verbs like "LISTEN and REPEAT after the teacher" are connected.

  3. I was disappointed that after listening to all the background information, the professor did not give a single example of how to actually write an effective learning outcome, which was the title of this YouTube video and the reason I watched it.

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