WWE News – Vince McMahon Tears Smackdown Script/Goldberg Isn’t Done in WWE Yet/Low WWE RAW Ratings

WWE News – Vince McMahon Tears Smackdown Script/Goldberg Isn’t Done in WWE Yet/Low WWE RAW Ratings

Heres your news from
August 7th 2019 We’re kicking off with news from
Summerslam this week, as the
WWE have finally confirmed that former Universal Champion
Goldberg will take on Dolph
Ziggler at the event. Returning on this week’s RAW,
Goldberg’s return was a huge
nostalgia boost for those watching and even the most hardened of
critics couldn’t help but enjoy
the segment. Speaking on Wrestling Observer
Radio, Dave Meltzer echoed these
thoughts by comparing the relationship between the WCW
legend and Vince McMahon, to that
of Vince’s father and Bruno Sammartino. He said: “Bruno would come to a city twice
a year at the end of his career
and it was really special because it wasn’t your monthly
thing, and it was Bruno the legend. And Bill is not the legend that Bruno
Sammartino was, he didn’t have
that kind of connection but you know – he’s the best thing
we’ve got for that position.” It’s certainly interesting to compare
Goldberg to Bruno, as the WCW
star is still a huge draw and WWE would be foolish not to
capitalize on that star power. The issue that WWE now faces is
finding compelling stories to
explain Goldberg’s twice a year returns, as the
company probably won’t be able
to copy this storyline of the younger Superstar mocking
legends next time around. It seems squash matches are in the
near future for the master of the
Jackhammer, as the last time Goldberg had a
long match at Super Showdown,
the 52 year old showed his age and fragileness, being
concussed mere minutes into the
match against The Undertaker. Another problem WWE now has
is finding Superstars of a high
enough status, willing to job to the former
World Champion? Whatever WWE has planned for
these questions, it seems fans
will get some answers this Sunday at the biggest
party of the Summer. Though many are already saying
that Goldberg’s victory at the Pay
Per View is guaranteed Dolph Ziggler proved this week on
SmackDown Live that fans
shouldn’t count him out just yet. After mocking Goldberg’s entrance,
the Show Off showed just how
tough he can be, attacking Rey Mysterio on the
entrance, before their match
could even begin. Brutualising the master of the 619,
Ziggler showed a mean streak that
fans haven’t seen by him in years and only stopped
his assault when security pulled
him away. With the Masked marvel in no
condition to compete, fellow
cruiserweight Ali stepped in though he didn’t fare much better
against the intense Ziggler. Making short work of the former 205
Live star, Ziggler picked up the win
after a series of super kicks making a major statement to the
master of the Jackhammer on the
road to Summerslam. Though it still seems likely that
Goldberg will win this Sunday,
these wins have shown just how careful WWE are being, as there’s
always the chance of the company
pulling off a huge swerve by having
Ziggler win. Whatever WWE has planned for
this Sunday, it’s going to be
interesting to see, as the company has somehow made one
of the Pay Per View’s most captivating
stories in a matter of days. Over to RAW now and the red
brand had some good news in
the ratings, as this week’s episode saw a seven per cent
increase from last week’s show. Hitting an average 2.48 million
viewers, the three-hour event which
was the go home RAW for Summerslam finished third for
the night, according to
Showbuzzdaily.com. Losing to Tucker Carlson tonight
which reached 3.03 million, and
Hannity which had 3.06 million tuning in, RAW was still able to
beat many major news shows which
it usually falls behind and beat both CBS and FOX programming
head to head. Part of this week’s success was
the lessening of the third hour drop,
as though WWE lost viewers near the end of the show, it wasn’t
as bad as most weeks. From hour one to hour three, the
viewer movement saw an eight per
cent increase in women aged 18-49, as well as a three per cent
increase of men in the same
demographic. Things were similar for younger fans,
as the show saw an overall increase
in teenage girls of 16 percent from hour one to hour three, as
well as a 36 per cent increase
in teenage boys. This final hour certainly gave
fans plenty of reasons to tune in,
as the Roman Reigns angle with Samoa Joe, the appearance of
Shawn Michaels, the return of
Goldberg and Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross becoming the new Women’s
Tag Team Champions all happened
in this final act. Though this week’s RAW did well,
it’s no secret that WWE have been
struggling with falling ratings this year, though according to
reports, FOX aren’t worried. While speaking to the Big Lead,
Fox Sports Senior VP of sales
Mark Evans said how the network hopes to breathe new life into
SmackDown when the blue brand
joins in October, saying: “We feel how we’re going to present
and how we’re going to promote the
WWE is going to inject it with such a new life. It’s going to
be a home run for us.” It’s always good to see a bit of
confidence regarding WWE’s
product, but let’s just see if the ratings will tell the
same story. Whilst the action on SmackDown
Live this week clearly had fans
entertained, it was the actions that happened backstage that has
gotten fans talking. According to Bryan Alverez, Vince
McMahon was backstage at the
blue show and certainly wasn’t happy, at one point tearing up the
script for the night with just a
couple of hours before the show went live. It was McMahon himself who
decided on booking WWE
Champion Kofi Kingston Bryan in the main event, and fans
can’t help but notice the lack of
Eric Bischoff in this story. Despite becoming Executive
Director of the Blue Brand,
Bischoff has seemingly done very little with the show, especially
compared to his counterpart on
RAW Paul Heyman. Hopefully this will change when the
blue show does make the move
to FOX this October, but for now it seems SmackDown Live is
a ship without a captain. Staying with SmackDown Live, and
Roman Reigns and the WWE
Universe finally got some answers after last week’s incident, though
probably not the answer anyone
was expecting. After nearly being crushed by
some scaffolding last week, and
narrowly avoiding a hit on run past RAW, the Big Dog was hungry
for answers, and interrogated
one of the prime suspects in the case:
Buddy Murphy. In the final moments of the show,
the former Cruiserweight Champion
said it was Rowan behind the attacks, not the rumoured
Daniel Bryan. After the car crash on RAW, rumors
are now circulating that Reigns will
team with his old rival Samoa Joe to take on Bryan and
Rowan, and though we’re not sure
whether Rowan was acting on his own, we’re interested to see
where this bizarre story goes
from here. From one tag team to another now
as though the Usos may be one of
the best tag teams in recent WWE history, the duo don’t always
make the best decisions. Despite being previously announced
to be part of WWE’s Summerslam
Axxess event, the pair have now been pulled, possibly due to
both men having past DUI offences,
with Jimmy Uso getting arrested for the second time this
year just last month. These arrests mean that the pair
might not even be allowed to enter
Canada, so don’t expect to see the former Tag Team Champions
anywhere near the Pay Per View
this Sunday in Toronto. It’s unclear if the duo will be able
to get back in the swing of things
after Summerslam, but it’s obvious that these repeated
brushes with the law aren’t exactly
doing their careers any favours. Speaking of Superstars not
appearing, fans shouldn’t expect
Bobby Lashley either, as the former IC Champion is on
the road to recovery, and could
be back by November. Lashley, who was injured late last
month, recently underwent elbow
surgery to remove bone spurs according to Pro Wrestling Sheet. After last competing on the July
15th edition of RAW, a November
return could mean that Lashley makes it on the Survivor Series Pay
Per View though like with all injuries
in WWE, these return dates are subject to change. And we’re ending with some news
from AEW today, as the company’s
Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes has come under some
serious scrutiny. This week, the former WWE
Superstar was accused by a fan on
Twitter of using Human Growth Hormones, and though the AEW
star is in incredible shape, he said
it’s not because of HGH. Instead, Rhodes said his physique
came from a strict diet of chicken
and broccoli, as well as an entire team of trainers he works
alongside. Rhodes will have to find the time
to keep to this strict diet, as he
and AEW are gearing up for another huge show, All Out, which
will take place August 31st in
Chicago, Illinois. So guys, the final SummerSlam
match card *WWE Universal Champion
Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins. *WWE Champion
Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton. *Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens.
*WWE Raw Women’s Champion
Becky Lynch vs. Natalya:
Submission Match *WWE Smackdown Women’s
Bayley vs. Ember Moon. *WWE United States Champion
AJ Styles vs. Ricochet. *Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor. *Bill Goldberg vs. Dolph Ziggler. *Trish Stratus vs. Charlotte Flair. If you like this video , please check
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  3. Hey dumb fuck Vince.Keep pushing retarded Reigns, tranny Lynch, stammering Seth Rollins, fat fuck Kevin Owens, and faggot ass New Day, and your ratings will always tank.

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