YOUR LANE SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINES: March 12 (Foundation) and March 2 (OSAC)

OSAC is a book put out the Oregon Student Assistance Commission
these are scholarships available to Oregon residents and um so that’s the biggest that’s one of the biggest things here, ok
there are about three hundred scholarships in this book and this is the booklet from the Oregon foundation there’s about two hundred scholarships in this book and these are only open to Lane students there’s hundreds of scholarships available and they’re not enough people applying for them
I keep asking all my friends and they’re like “no, no, not done” and it’s come up real fast I am just finishing mine up right now here in the lovely scholarship office it’s smart and I would actually like to put it out there
that not many Latinos are encouraged to um get scholarships because they think that because of who they are
minority in this community that they think that they won’t get any but it’s not true because here I am, and I am one of those, I am a latina and I have a scholarship, you know so I would just like to put that out there it’s really very simple way to get a lot of
money so that people can go to school and I think that everyone should do it even if they don’t think
they can get anything, it’s worth the time and the effort scholarhips are really great great to have, because you know that by their help you pursue what you like
your dreams

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