hello ! hi .. how are you ? welcome to my chanel Kham Salim on youtube today we are going to talk about interview isues YTB scholarship as you remembering in last video we talked about what to do when you are waiting invitation emails for interview from YTB after sabmited your application few day ago round 2 for YTB scholarship has been ended and people were waiting for invitation from YTB to …invating them that means they passed and they can participate intervew or not ,, round 2 resoults announced for some countries if you were in round 2 so make sure you check your email or log in to YTB account i said in last video when you get an invitation fo interview you have a choise you can accept or reject it 1. question in first question they will ask you… why Turkey ? why you choose to study in Turkey ? and why in this city ? like you choose Istanbul .. why Istanbul ? or why Ankara or whay Izmir or another city ? you need to answer this question very quickly so if you have your answers before you can just speak with full confidence you explain about your self they understand you 2. question they will ask you why you need to continue in high education lavel that its very quick question because .. may be you need to study undergraduate lavel or msters or phd they will ask you why you need to continue in high education lavel like I sayed before .. if you have answers ready its simple this will help you also will help to intrduce yor self and answer these questions truth and quickly with your full confidence so you can converse them and they can beleave that your answer are clear and true and you are very serius 3. question they will ask you .. example what your plan after graduation ? what your plan ? so you need to answer and explain after graduation i will do this .. and this … ec my plan is this.. its just how you will speak to them and you have a plans is this only 4. question this is not a question .. we can say that its about to introduce your self they will tell you can you explain to us your education life ? from nursery to now in summary .. so be careful dont west your time for nothing when you talk examp .. i went to school … from that … ect dont talk in details of your life just summary prepare your summary about your education life till now that will help you 5. question its very important question they will ask you hey.. ! mr or mrs !! how much your country need kind of people like you ? like … your country .. why … or… how much your country need kind of people like you ? its mean what your studies what you will study how much your country need your profession that you are going to study ? its very important question so if you will answer this quickly .. they can see that you have a plan and you are not sleeping .. yeah.. these are some questions you can be asked in interview may be you can find another questions not these only its just the same I shared these questions because they asked me its true example they asked me all these questions so why i wanted to share with you ok.. very important notes 15 – 20 minutes in inerview for one parson can be less than that or more than that its depending how you spoke and what they need from you what he want to know from you or to verify about you weapon beleave your self that you can then you can when you say me I can .. and i will do so you can answer the questions with confidence and truth when someone asked simple question like some questions when you are speaking so answer truth dont go outside of your point go straight question – answer / question – answer the end I wish you a good luck to complete your education dreams thank you much.. share this video with your freinds may be can help them I beleave that good bye


  1. Et bro vip kuhusu scholarship za saudia mfano king abulaziz xaa kama unuzofu nayo naomb nipe maelekezo mana naona inakuwa ngum hasa kwa mm mdada

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